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The Challenger Owners Club was formed by Mike Tomlin and Nigel Boyd in 2000.  Since it’s early inception, it has provided a platform  for Challengers Owners to share information and experiences with other club members and to attend social events, shows and other meetings of like minded individuals.

Each year the club attends various shows and events both nationally and locally.  Regional coordinators work with local members to facilitate and advertise these events as they arise.  We also organise an annual AGM weekend for all our members usual in April/May.

The club magazine, Challenge, is a regular full format publication that is sent to all club members.  It is designed by club members for club members and contains contact information, updates, features, reports and technical articles.

For many years the club has been fortunate to have been invited to display it’s cars at the Classic Motor Show in Birmingham

Challenger E Type Owners Club

Triple C started life c1984 being the brain child of a former school teacher named Derek Robinson and John Wilkinson, an engineer with English China Clay.  Based in Cornwall, Triple C Cars produced a kit car with moulds taken from John Wilkinson’s own 1961 Series 1 3.8 E type but designed to take Ford or Rover running gear.  These early cars are discernable by the flaring of the rear wheel arches to accept the wider axle track.

Despite the donor mechanicals, Jaguar Cars give their approval for the project and by 1986 the kit was getting some very good reviews, appearing in various magazines and even on the local television news programmes.  The resulting demand persuaded Derek and John to set about redesigning the Challenger to accept both Jaguar running gear and engines therefore creating a genuine E type replica that performed as well as it looked.  Click here for more information

By 1987 Triple C had moved to Corby where they had access to new premises, a central location and favourable grants that were available at the time.  Sales thrived and during the rest of the eighties some 250 cars were built in total even appearing on Cilla Blacks’ Surprise Surprise’.

By the early nineties, Challenger Cars (as it was renamed) had moved to Newton St Bowells again attracted by financial aid.  However, shortly after Derek and John left the company and although it continued to deliver existing orders it was wound up as insolvent some time later.

Triple C Cars

“The Challenger, properly built, is an exceptional sports car with looks of the most famous car in the world and a body second to non in terms of strength, lightness, stiffness, corrosion resistance and finish - let's celebrate that with a vigorous club that gets noticed and does things - are we going to rise to the challenge?”

Mike Tomlin

Past Chairman and Honorary President

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Kit Car International magazine in 1988